The archives for the lists (which go back to the mid-90's)  would remain
for now at But I don't yet see a way to go
forward on our site archiving the IBM web content so they'd be static. We
do plan "real soon now" to add other content.

Is there a general opinion that the email lists should continue? How can
we avoid then having two separate, disconnected places for information --
the list and the U2UG forums? At this point in the lifecycle of the U2
products, the user group is very, very important. We need to make sure
there are lots of squeaking wheels in the discussion threads. I
ask this because we are looking at the technical issues of rehosting the
lists here. But I agree with Clif in his reasons for shutting them down.


On Mon, 29 Mar 2004, David Wolverton wrote:

> >I have a simple-minded idea that may increase the value of the U2UG website
> and prevent us from loosing the huge amount  >of already accumulated
> knowledge that resides in this list.  Would it be possible to transfer the
> posts to the list to    >the website?  I know that there may be some legal
> wrangling and space considerations to deal with but I for one would    >hate
> to loose the knowledge that has been generated by this list.
> Glad you asked that - I was thinking the same thing - or wondering where the
> archives would be held!
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