Perhaps if IBM or whomever is sponsoring the site is listening to
the feedback of the current members of this list that they will respond in a
'customer-oriented' kinda way. That's why it's called SOFTware. It can
change to meet the needs of its customers.

I agree with the reduction of efficiency that the new method will cause.
Hopefully IBM can cause a change to accomodate the high level of service the
oliver list provided.

my 1 cent.

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> Listen, Will "the blind, deaf and possibly dumb" Johnson
> Are you hearing nothing? There are those of us who don't
> live in the
> land of the mighty dollar. We have to pay for our traffic,
> we have
> employment contracts that forbid us from internet access
> during the day,
> yet we still need access to U2 info.
> What do _you_ suggest we do?
> I've subscribed to your glorious forum, I get wee posties
> saying there
> are people talking about juicy thangs, but I cannot get to
> see these.
> What do _you_ suggest I do?
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> 1) We DO want to leave the archives at indexinfocus.
> 2) We DONT want to replicate the archives onto u2ug
> 3) We DONT want the lists to continue
> Go to the web site, and enter each forum you are interested
> in and click
> on SUBSCRIBE this will make all responses come to your email
> box just as
> they do now.  You can register, but if you dont SUBSCRIBE
> you wont be
> seeing nothing.... Will
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