Not to be obnoxious but why not keep data in one place?  How would it benefit someone 
to start a question in one medium and then be referred to another?  That sound 
counter-intuitive to me.

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1) We DO want to leave the archives at indexinfocus.
2) We DONT want to replicate the archives onto u2ug
3) We DONT want the lists to continue

Go to the web site, and enter each forum you are interested in and click on SUBSCRIBE 
this will make all responses come to your email box just as they do now.  You can 
register, but if you dont SUBSCRIBE you wont be seeing nothing....

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> The archives for the lists (which go back to the mid-90's)  would remain
> for now at But I don't yet see a way to go
> forward on our site archiving the IBM web content so they'd be static. We
> do plan "real soon now" to add other content.
> Is there a general opinion that the email lists should continue? How can
> we avoid then having two separate, disconnected places for
> information --
> the list and the U2UG forums?
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