Lee Leitner wrote:
> The archives for the lists (which go back to the mid-90's)  
> would remain for now at http://www.indexinfocus.com. 
> Is there a general opinion that the email lists should 
> continue? How can we avoid then having two separate, disconnected 
> places for information -- the list and the U2UG forums?

For me it has to be email or newsgroup.  I will not be as active in a
forum that requires using a web browser as I will in an email list or

However, it looks like you can "subscribe" to the forums on u2ug.org,
which I hope means that forum postings will arrive via email.  If that's
true, then if you have only email access at work, you should still be
able to participate once you join and subscribe.

Thanks, Clif, for hosting these lists.  Without them, I never would have
gotten all of my  UniObjects for Java stuff working, nor been able to
help so many other people get started.

Wendy Smoak
Application Systems Analyst, Sr.
ASU IA Information Resources Management 
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