Sorry... I kept this discussion to the best of my Professionalism,
until a few folks here Provoked with some serious name calling.

Its appears bad enough... 
some folks here cannot discuss stuff in a constructive argument.

Joe Eugene

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>This is a test, right? Y'all got together off-list and cooked this up to 
>see if I was going to follow through or just roll over and let things 
>free-wheel for the duration.
>Seriously, this kind of name calling, mud slingly, and vitriol is 
>disturbing in its lack of professionalism. Add to that the fact that 
>this still remains a TECHNICAL discussion list. Just because the list is 
>closing doesn't mean everyone is free to go off on an off-topic, 
>non-technical tirade.
>Just because it's the last week of school doesn't mean you can start a 
>spit-ball war.
>Now, please compose yourselves, and drop this thread.
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