Thanks for the direct reply.

I have had some experience with 'mainstream' databases and due mainly to my
lack of knowledge and experience I found them to be cumbersome, inefficient
and expensive for the type of applications I was dealing with.

Having said that, I have seen some fantastic applications written with them
by those that knew them well.

As a general rule, MV databases do some things well and others not at all
well whilst 'mainstream' databases can do most things well BUT at a cost.

Traditionally the MV (or Pick) users of the past were too used to getting a
lot of application for much less cost which in the long run has been the MV
databases biggest problem. Being so inexpensive meant the money wasn't there
for marketing and to a degree the R&D.

Your in-house MV people either haven't given this issue enough effort or may
not have the knowledge of UV to set up this machine correctly as 15-20
second search times seems excessive to me.

However, it is up to you whether or not you provide the ANALYZE.FILE results
or not but it may help other list members if we were to pursue it.

Best of luck

Trevor Ockenden

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