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> A key factor that makes CUI non-portable
> to GUI is the embedded Input and Print statements in the code.

I respectfully disagree that this is key.
After all event oriented apps also have input statements
I think you mean the key factor is that the programs are not event oriented.  
That is, on a typical GUI form I can click and fill in any field in any 
order, and then I submit the entire form.  In a typical mv app, most programmers 
would write it so the inputs happen in a definite order and there is no way to 
change that order, on the fly.

If programs were rewriten so that the inputs were all seperated from each 
other logically, and could be entered in any order.  (Tab forward, tab back 
between fields, or point and click since mouse clicks are captured by accuterm and 
wintegrate among others).  Then some of the validation (two field 
interactions) should be relegated to the On.SUBMIT part of the program, etc.

If we could code in this fashion, then any app can be GUIized with less 
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