[I went on and on and then said]
>>As an aside, pardon me for being so bold, but it's amazing that the 
>>providers of these GUI products aren't jumping to pay people 
>like me to 
>>help developers become viable candidates for their products.  There's 
>>no guarantee that any given site will adopt any given GUI product, if 
>>any, but unless there are prospects there can be no new 
>customers.  It 
>>seems to me it's worth it to "someone" to foster redevelopment like 
>>this.  Well, that's the MV market for ya...
>[Ross Ferris] 
>Please refer to your email of March 23rd - If things have 
>changed I'll get the guys from ACTi to give you a call :-)

My above quote doesn't mean that I necessarily want to do this sort of work.
There are lots of talented people in our market who could use work and it
seems a natural fit to tool providers to contract with third-parties to
facilitate app migration for a host of applications.  Personally, I prefer
to write communications tools and do other high-end tech stuff for MV - if I
never see another line of application code I'll be happy.  However, there is
something cool and rewarding about modularizing old code that will become
the back-end to a GUI thick client, web client, Web Service or Smart Phone.

I'll consider opportunities for myself and other Nebula R&D associates as
they present themselves, but I'm not going to "gear up" to provide
modularization services if the MV market isn't interested.  "Fostering
redevelopment" means someone must fund projects like this, if not the VAD
then perhaps tool developers who have something to gain from the efforts of
the VAD.

(Really OT here, more for CDP than this forum, sorry.)


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