Yep - guilty as charged, we have a product that can help in terms of "web" technology, 
though the main focus of Viságe is really as an application development platform.

The points that you have raised are (obviously) important .... but forward thinking ? 
C'mon, these are features that have been around for 20 years !

When was the last time that anyone here had a "new prospect" get excited about the 
idea of background processing ? Or drool at the thought of audit files ?

Maybe things are different on that side of the Pacific, but my recent experience tells 
me that unless I can provide the "eye candy" that people EXPECT these days, new sales 
are harder to make every year.

Obviously I understand your sentiment - we have a comprehensive green screen 
application ourselves, and like many in this group we have a "hard core" of users that 
LIKE the green screen, and think that we are wasting our time on all of this GUI stuff 
.... and they are right - for THEM ! 

But, NEW sales take a LOT of things for granted - audit files, background processing, 
and even GUI ! to name a few .... and so forward thinking for me now has to include 
taking steps to make sure we continue to make sales into the future :-)

Ross Ferris
Stamina Software
Visage - an Evolution in Software Development

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>Subject: Re: Database decoupling (Was: Future of U2)
>And of course it's not self-serving to state that a web presence is itself
>necessary in order to be "forward thinking" <evil grin>.  I mean since you
>a product that does that ....
>   Now to me, forward thinking might involve more robust use of log files,
>audit files, transactions and rollback, background processing, process
>management .... but then I'm just old school.
>In a message dated 4/17/2004 6:05:29 AM Pacific Daylight Time,
>> >   Not saying all businesses are this way.  But I'm saying I don't think
>> >that is where most of the traditional multi-value market is focused.
>> BUT, unless we help our customers get there - OR find new customers that
>> WANT to get there, we (as a market) run the risk that OUR existing
>> will loose market share & be consumed by more forward thinking
>> which in turn may mean that we too are out of a career !
>> Ross Ferris
>> Stamina Software
>> Visage - an Evolution in Software Development
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