On Wed, 2004-04-21 at 17:33, Stuart Boydell wrote:

> Karl,
> Sounds interesting.  So you have a screen that is 80 columns by
> 60 rows.  Does that mean that you can than do PRINT @(0,60) to
> get the bottom line of the screen?  And can you do 132 by 60??

I use gnome-terminal on an X-Windows screen that is set at 1400x1050 in
24bit mode. I have a relatively small terminal font (old eyes so not as
small as in the past) so I can have 2 80x60 windows open side-by-side,
which gives me the capability to copy and paste from one to the other,
do HELP BASIC XXXXXX in one and read it while typing in the other (Okay,
I can't read and type anything coherent at the SAME time, but you get
the idea). As for using @(0,60), no, I don't do that. I regularly use
@(0,@CRTHIGH), or when changing width to test 132 column reports, do
LIST.FILE.STATS to see more data, I will use @(@CRTWIDE) syntax.

The very nice thing about gnome-terminal, and essentially all the
Linux-based emulators, is that I can size a window to, say 134x70
(examples only), telnet to my AIX server and have the TCL TERM settings
match. I use code like this to accomplish it:

0001 execute 'sh -c \termdef\' capturing TERMTYP
0003 execute 'set.term.type ':TERMTYP capturing TERM.OUTPUT
0004 execute 'sh -c \termdef -c\' capturing TCOLS
0005 TCOLS = TCOLS<1>
0006 execute 'sh -c \termdef -l\' capturing TLINES
0008 execute 'TERM ':TCOLS:',':TLINES

and call it from ~/uv/VOC UV.LOGIN.


> Steve
> From: Karl L Pearson <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
> Okay, I'll bite.
> I use Linux exclusively, other than when forced to run win98 or win2000,
> which I do on Linux in a VMware Workstation window, with my Linux
> streaming video or audio running in the background... (my personal
> touch)
> Running gnome-terminal in 80x60 mode, I can connect to our traditional
> 'green screen' APP and see more, especially when coding more 'green
> screen' parts to our APP.
> Karl

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