The Advanced Pick manual illustrates most all of the SYSTEM() references.
It's one of my favorite manuals as it's chapterized like all the others but
the index is pure as it contains everything. I don't like the UD/UV manuals
as you need to know which index in which book to look up your topic. If
you're looking up U50BB, is it in the ECL book, the UniProc book or the
UniBasic book?. Not that helpful. Please no flames about books on CD's. Not
always helpful either.

my 1 cent.
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> Thanks Mark!
> Bjorn managed to find his reply (in an Advanced Pick manual)
> just after
> I'd sent the request, which kinda worked, but not exactly,
> but your
> length of inputbuffer works a charm.
> Speaking of these SYSTEM thangs - is there anywhere I can
> get a list of
> all the settings / variables included in SYSTEM(x)?
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> SYSTEM(14) is the length of the typeahead buffer. D3 for
> sure and
> possibly UV/UD. The CLEARSELECT is UV/UD specific.
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