If Netware goes away, I'll not shed a single tear... Headaches for many
clients would then go away also.



On Thu, 2004-04-22 at 02:09, Anthony Youngman wrote:
> FYI, Novell HAVE purchased SuSE - the company, that is, not the
> software.
> So, with regard to my previous post that I've snipped :-) expect Netware
> to go the way of Native Pick in the very near future. It will go the way
> of AP/Pro, where it looks like Netware for all intents and purposes, but
> it's actually an app running on top of a hidden linux kernel.
> Cheers,
> Wol
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> I attended a VMWare symposium sponsored by IBM, Novell and a local
> (quite large) consulting/programming/implementation firm. The
> representative from Novell stated they would be completely off M$
> products by the end of the year with nearly all desktops using Suse
> Linux and OpenOffice.org for their office suite. Apparently Novell has
> purchased Suse, or at least a 'port' of Suse. Also, he stated that all
> of Novell's commercial products would continue to run on Windows,
> because of client demand, however their main focus would be in
> writing/rewriting everything to run on Linux. That project was to have
> been completed by last week, with announcements coming soon. Since I'm
> not even remotely involved with Novell products, I haven't kept tabs on
> that portion of the project.
> The IBM reps stated they they are also moving off M$ products.
> Just my 2 '.01's (insert appropriate currency marker)
> Karl
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