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> Subject: OT RE: We need a web based Forum!
> > I would whole-heartedly agree with this.  BUT I have never 
> > seen such an animal in action myself.  I think it's mythical.
> > Will
> It is not mythical, one of the forums I use works exactly like that.
> You do have to be set up as a user and "subscribe" to the forums you
> want to read.  But after that, emails show up on the forum, 
> and anything posted to the forum goes out via email.

> A quick look says that the forum software is...
> O'Reilly WebBoard 4.20.82 (c)1995-2000 Duke Engineering/O'Reilly &
> Associates, Inc. 
> WebBoard is a trademark of O'Reilly & Associates, Inc.

Nice.  http://webboard.oreilly.com/products/webboard/index.cfm

However, it looks like O'Reilly sold it to another company in '01, and the
standard edition is $3995, which - I'm guessing - is a bit out of the price
range.  It's a shame there doesn't seem to be a free (as in beer AND in
speech) alternative that supports these features.

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