I use the same technique for starting D3, mvBASE, IIS, and other services
form desktop shortcuts.  Stopping services with a "kill um all, let God sort
um out" macro like this can be problematic, it really depends on the
service, but it's a nice way to free resources.  You may see the command
window flash as a BAT is executed, but if something is wrong you won't be
able to catch the errors.

Depending on how thorough you want to be, I recommend writing more code so
that your U2 systems update a Windows file when they boot and shutdown.  You
can then use a script (WSH) from your BAT which verifies the status before
termination, maybe with a pause if the status is unexpected - like if users
are still logged-in or some other processes are running.


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>So, I am doing a kind of odd ball thing.  I wrote some UV 
>Basic programs to create batch files that are run via the 
>scheduled tasks.  I don't want Universe running on my machine 
>all the time.  So, I created a couple of '.bat' files to start 
>and stop universe, which are also set up as scheduled tasks.  
>For example, stopuv bat file is
>NET STOP "UniVerse Telnet Service"
>NET STOP "UniVerse REXEC Service"
>NET STOP "UniVerse Resource Service"
>NET STOP "Uni RPC Service"
>This appears to work.  The messages come up as everything 
>being successful. I do a 'NET START'  to see the services 
>running and it doesn't show any of the Universe processes.  
>However, I then realize that I am still logged into Universe 
>in the PC and it is still alive and well.  Is this a bug ?  If 
>I exit the session and then retry it, I wont be able to log 
>in.  Also, If I stop Universe the gui way from the control 
>panel, I get the same result. Does this happen on all windows 
>platforms ? What if I were shutting down to perform a backup 
>and yet people were still messing with the data.
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