this is proper sequence of shutting UV off
    net stop uvtelnet
    net stop universe
    net stop hsrexec
    net stop unirpc

    this is proper sequence of starting UV up
    net start universe
    net start uvtelnet
    net start unirpc
    net start hsrexec

Sergey Eremenko

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Subject: Universe on XP (Personal Edition)

So, I am doing a kind of odd ball thing.  I wrote some UV Basic programs to
create batch files that are run via the scheduled tasks.  I don't want
Universe running on my machine all the time.  So, I created a couple of
'.bat' files to start and stop universe, which are also set up as scheduled
tasks.  For example, stopuv bat file is

NET STOP "UniVerse Telnet Service"
NET STOP "UniVerse REXEC Service"
NET STOP "UniVerse Resource Service"
NET STOP "Uni RPC Service"

This appears to work.  The messages come up as everything being successful.
I do a 'NET START'  to see the services running and it doesn't show any of
the Universe processes.  However, I then realize that I am still logged into
Universe in the PC and it is still alive and well.  Is this a bug ?  If I
exit the session and then retry it, I wont be able to log in.  Also, If I
stop Universe the gui way from the control panel, I get the same result.
Does this happen on all windows platforms ? What if I were shutting down to
perform a backup and yet people were still messing with the data.


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