I am trying to get every last drop out of our internet.  Most towers have a 
MikroTik Routing, Netonix doing POE and Switching, Fed by AF5x, and Rockets or 
Prism for AP's.  Sometimes seeing some slow downs I cant account for.  
Wondering if MTU or Flow control needs adjusted.

The MTU settings are as follows:
MikroTik MTU: 1500  L2 MTU: 1598         Flow Disabled
Netonix MTU: 1528                                       Both
AF5x Up to 9600 Auto                                  Flow Disabled
Rocket MTU: 1500                                         Flow Disabled
Prism MTU: 1500                                           Flow Disabled

In your experience should any of these be adjusted?

Steve Barnes
Wireless Operations Manager
New Lisbon Broadband
765-584-2288 ext:1101

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