There is an updated package that can be used for testing with available

Direct link to supermin package for amd64/Xenial systems:

The fix for the symlink breakage is available in upstream v5.1.18 of supermin.
The latest upstream version, 5.1.19, has been picked up for the Bionic
release of Ubuntu, and testing has been successful there.

This backports 2 fixes from later (post-5.1.14 Xenial) supermin

1. "ext2: Create symlinks properly (RHBZ#1470157)"

2. "ext2: Don't load whole files into memory when copying to the applianc…"

to best integrate the symlink fix.

Note that there are the following updates to ext2fs-c.c file between the 
5.1.14 (Xenial) version and 5.1.19 (Bionic):

* ext2: Create symlinks properly (RHBZ#1470157)
- Use AC_HEADER_MAJOR to find definitions of major, minor, makedev
- Include <sys/sysmacros.h> for major()/minor()
* ext2: Don't load whole files into memory when copying to the appliance 
- ext2: fix printf formatters
- ext2: check for needed block size

I'd appreciate any testing feedback, issues on the package for testing
listed above.

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  libguestfs not work anymore with 4.13.0-26-generic #29~16.04.2-Ubuntu

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