Matthew Paul Thomas schreef op di 19-04-2011 om 15:55 [+0100]:
> *   The object of the study was, obviously, not to measure crashes.
>     Crashes are usually quick to find and fix, so any user test of those
>     would be weeks out of date when published. I mentioned them only as
>     a reminder that to users, bugs are indistinguishable from design
>     flaws, and vice versa. (For example, one test participant pressed
>     Ctrl Alt F1 apparently by accident, and ended up at a console. This
>     wasn't a crash, but it had exactly the same effect as one.) 

Maybe we need to add a line of text above the login prompt somehow, that
tells the user what key to press to get back to their GUI?  (This might
be difficult to do correctly with multiple logins etc. though?)

Jan Claeys

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