The Developer Membership Board (DMB) has started a restaffing vote for
three vacant seats. The DMB is responsible for reviewing and approving
new Ubuntu developers. It evaluates prospective Ubuntu developers and
decides when to entrust them with developer privileges. There are five

William 'jawn-smith' Wilson (
Brian Murray
Sebastien Bacher
Lucas Kanashiro
Utkarsh Gupta

The vote closes on 2022-03-30 at approximately 18:00 UTC.

As usual, the election is being run using the Condorcet Internet Voting
Service. All members of the ~ubuntu-dev team in Launchpad are eligible
to vote. However, recent changes to CIVS require you to *opt-in* to
using your email address to vote. You cannot receive a ballot until you
have opted in. Please opt in here:

You must use the same email address as the one I have collected for you
for your ballot. This is generally <username> if that is an
alias that you have published in Launchpad publicly. More complicated
matching rules apply otherwise. If you are a member of ~ubuntu-dev and
are struggling to acquire your ballot, please contact me privately. I
may need to identify the email alias I am using for you directly.

This announcement is being sent to a moderated announcement mailing
list. For discussion, Ubuntu developers should use

On behalf of the DMB,


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