Are there known problems with Ubuntu 20.04 with regards to Bluetooth devices?

I recently purchased a Logitech MX Master 3S mouse, and connected the device to my computer via Bluetooth. This is the first time I have done this with my computer.

The situation is that the device works fine for about a day. The next morning, the computer does not respond to mouse movement or clicks. When I reboot the computer, it all start working properly again.

(The mouse also came with a USB receiver, which I have been able to make work, but that's a problem for another time.)

I checked syslog, and didn't find anything enlightening.

I followed instructions I found for Ubuntu 16, including reinstalling the software, and no change.

My reason for buying this mouse is my various logitech mice, after a long time of use, start double-clicking by themselves and misbehave when doing click-and-drag operations. The new mouse allegedly has optical switches, which should not have this auto-double-click going forward.

(Yes, I still keep the original flaky mouse handy for when the new one stops working. So far I've been able to avoid nasty power-downs or hardware resets.)

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