On 12/5/23 10:22 PM, Stephen Satchell wrote:
So far, so good.  I moved my wireless access point across the room (after finding a long enough Ethernet cable!) to see if add distance between my bluetooth mouse and the AP would make a difference.  So far, the mouse is much happier.  I'll know more when I do my next technical drawing project.

I think this issue is closed as far as I'm concerned. The problem was indeed interference between Bluetooth and WiFi access points. I found that the issue of Bluetooth vs WiFi has a number of articles, complete with recommendations.

I use the plural in the latter because I found I'm surrounded with APs in this apartment complex, and some of them are putting out higher power than mine dies (Asus).

Why the interference would cause Bluetooth support to crash out the way it did may be worthy of study by someone who knows more about the inner workings of the driver. For example, why would the driver disconnect from D-Bus when interference exceeds a specific level?

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