More information on my problem with a Bluetooth mouse:

First, this recovery sequence appears to work 100 percent of the time, so whatever is causing the disconnect isn't permanent:

sudo rmmod btusb
sleep 3
sudo modprobe btusb
sleep 5
sudo systemctl restart bluetooth

Another symptom is that the connection will drop out briefly (one or two seconds) then come back. The occurrence is, also, widely intermittent.

The same device talking to a Mac Mini isn't exhibiting the problem. I switch the mouse from one to the other when using InkScape on the two systems.

Haven't moved the access point yet.

Oh, another clue: when I try to run Settings/Bluetooth, the tool hangs up. Proper operation is restored with the workaround. I'm no expert, but I'm thinking based on the sequence of faults that something in the driver is getting lost. Any suggestions for tracking this down are welcome.

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