Can you believe our next meeting is already today?

Anyhow, here's the agenda:

=== Progress Reports ===
 * Ross did a bunch of work to get some of our packages uploaded to Cosmic
 * ubuntustudio-plasma
 * Audio Hadnbook epub & PDF
 * Website
 * Packaging
  * Carla: still in progress
  * Cadence: need status from cyphermox
  * Calf: need status from cyphermox
 * Wallpaper Contest
 * Password Sharing
  * Private github repo created for core team members for social media 
passwords, etc.

=== New Items ===

 * Discuss possible inclusion of pikopixel in seed, vote
 * Discuss permanently dropping MyPaint in favor of Krita (already included, 
same functionality as MyPaint, better support and development cadence)

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