Try and make it happen without having to learn the CLI - at the end of it 
you’ll be so much more satisfied.

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On 17 Feb 2018, at 11:40, David Farrell 
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On Thu, 15 Feb 2018 at 20:55, David Farrell 
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Just wondering if anyone on list had looked at this and had any experiences 
they'd care to share.

I'm just starting to evaluate the options out there, for various reasons I need 
NOS with a 'traditional' CLI that network engineers would be familiar with as 
well as all the API bells and whistles. I've been leaning towards IP Infusion's 
OcNOS, and have seen coverage of both LINX and BT evaluating that. The context 
here is looking to transition from a old-school STP based DC LAN towards EVPN 
w/ VXLAN and taking a look around to see what's available alongside 
Juniper/Cisco offerings... Any experiences, positive or negative would be be 
useful. I've been doing some research but thought I'd ask the clueful here.

After some time out in the wilderness, I look forward to seeing folks at UKNOF 
40 :)



Appreciate all the replies both on and off list, really helpful stuff!


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