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> Just wondering if anyone on list had looked at this and had any
> experiences they'd care to share.
> I'm just starting to evaluate the options out there, for various reasons I
> need NOS with a 'traditional' CLI that network engineers would be familiar
> with as well as all the API bells and whistles. I've been leaning towards
> IP Infusion's OcNOS, and have seen coverage of both LINX and BT evaluating
> that. The context here is looking to transition from a old-school STP based
> DC LAN towards EVPN w/ VXLAN and taking a look around to see what's
> available alongside Juniper/Cisco offerings... Any experiences, positive or
> negative would be be useful. I've been doing some research but thought I'd
> ask the clueful here.
> After some time out in the wilderness, I look forward to seeing folks at
> UKNOF 40 :)
> David.

We're doing 10G FTTP in various metros (through CityFibre dark/passive)
using 48-port Trident-II pizzaboxes fully loaded with FlexOptix BiDi's for
aggregation.  Cumulus Linux on the control plane.   You **really** need to
be aware of the buffer limitations on whatever platform you deploy.  We've
moved the service ratelimiting down to CPE where we have a reasonable
amount of buffer to play with but running the ports at 1G on Trident-II is
a real no-no.

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