On 08.03.2018 06:18, Philippe Verdy via Unicode wrote:
Additional note: the UCS will never large enough to support the
personal signatures of billions Chinese people living today or born
since milleniums, or jsut those to be born in the next century. Theres
a need to represent these names using composed strings. A reasonable
compositing/ligaturing process can then present almost all of them !

There is no such need, Chinese names are not formed in this way, if one just makes up a character how would others be able to read it, slight variants that add style to a character do not in Unicode count as new characters. Furthermore with government records in all computerised the are now strict rules on babies names in People's Reepulic of China, Taiwan, etc that prevent one making up new characters for names.

Whilst there are maybe a few thousand name CJK unified ideographs to add to UCS, there are tens of thousands of non-name CJK unified ideographs yet to be added.


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