edwardthern wrote: 
> First off I would like the thank the PiCorePlayer team for all their
> hard work for this excellent player!!!
> I am wondering if the team would entertain the idea of optimizing PiCore
> for audio.
> For example the audio threads as outlined in ALSA's Low Latency howto
> wiki article
> http://www.alsa-project.org/main/index.php/Low_latency_howto
> FWIW, I have been using these examples for a very long time in all of my
> Linux based audio setups and have heard positive improvements/changes.
> I updated the /opt/localboot.sh file to show the following for increased
> audio thread priorities. I really do like what I am hearing.
> sudo chrt -f -p 99 $(pidof ksoftirqd/0)
> sudo chrt -f -p 99 $(pidof ksoftirqd/1)
> sudo chrt -f -p 99 $(pidof ksoftirqd/2)
> sudo chrt -f -p 99 $(pidof ksoftirqd/3)
What make you think that this is optimising alsa for audio? Why is
reducing latency supposed to be a target? Why would it improve sound

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