I've learned 'elsewhere'
in this forum that its not trivial to make use of the Raspberry Pi's CEC
functionality to make it available für PCP/Jivelite.
My kitchen-Raspi is attached to a Bravia TV via HDMI, and it's the only
device where I don't use PCP, but Kodi with XSqueeze. The only reason
for this is the fact that I can use the Bravia remote with Kodi.
I would very much like to substitute Kodi by PCP with Jivelite (also
because XSqueeze doesn't run very stable on my system, being at the same
time the only function of Kodi I really use), but then I would need to
connect a keyboard to the Raspi, and I'm afraid that this wouldn't be
very welcome in our kitchen ;)
With CEC working with Kodi and Max2play (didn't work for me though when
I tried a few months ago): Is there any chance to get this into
Jivelite, too? If a donation could increase the motivation, let me
Best regards

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