streampunk wrote: 
> Hi,
> I've learned 'elsewhere'
> (
> in this forum that its not trivial to make use of the Raspberry Pi's CEC
> functionality to make it available für PCP/Jivelite.
> My kitchen-Raspi is attached to a Bravia TV via HDMI, and it's the only
> device where I don't use PCP, but Kodi with XSqueeze. The only reason
> for this is the fact that I can use the Bravia remote with Kodi.
> I would very much like to substitute Kodi by PCP with Jivelite (also
> because XSqueeze doesn't run very stable on my system, being at the same
> time the only function of Kodi I really use), but then I would need to
> connect a keyboard to the Raspi, and I'm afraid that this wouldn't be
> very welcome in our kitchen ;)
> With CEC working with Kodi and Max2play (didn't work for me though when
> I tried a few months ago): Is there any chance to get this into
> Jivelite, too? If a donation could increase the motivation, let me
> know...
> Best regards
> Martin

I'm not that familiar with CEC - so what function would CEC have in the
pCP/HDMI/Bravia TV combination?

piCorePlayer a small player for the Raspberry Pi in RAM. 

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