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> I'm not that familiar with CEC - so what function would CEC have in the
> pCP/HDMI/Bravia TV combination?
Well, the big advantage would be that you could use the Bravia IR remote
(the one you control the TV) to do just anything you would want do with
a remote control in PCP/Jivelite, i.e. scroll through menus, start and
stop playback, control the volume etc. Without the need to have a second
remote with USB receiver etc.
There is a rather complete explanation for CEC <> Kodi at
My thought was that if it's possible for Kodi thanks to the native
support for CEC on the Pis ("The Raspberry Pi GPU has CEC support which
is supported by libCEC, and is therefore fully supported by Kodi."),
there might be a way to use libCEC with Jivelite, too. But as I'm not a

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