paul- wrote: 
> He is only resizing to 1GB, so it shouldn't take that long.   The other
> 127GB should be untouched by the process.
> Streampunk, the process is.
> 1) Resize the Partition Table (That is what you posted a screen shot
> of)
> 2) Automatic Reboot
I think this is the point when it fails - the pi doesn' reboot. When I
put the card into the Windows machine, the FAT partition (e.g. D:) is
there, but the Linux partition (e.g. E:) is missing completely.

> You might need to connect a monitor to see why step 3 is hanging.
No monitor available at this moment (beside the 3.5 touchscreen attached
to the pi, but no keyboard either...).
Can I do the resize process via putty?

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