jncweb wrote: 
> haha inset update gives an error as well fantastic am going to flash the
> SD card and start-over.

I think that going from the 3.1.1 required the hot fix thing.

Here is a clip from a review

> Meridian style. It uses a XMOS L2 processor, both for USB control and to
> run the DSP that allows it to use the company’s Apodising filter
> as  standard. It also automatically upsamples 44.1kHz files to 88.2kHz
> (and  48kHz to 96kHz).  

I think that most of the XMOS covertors are OK with Linux.

When you look at the choice of outlets remember that sometimes one will
work better than another.

Following advice here, I tend to select the one begining 'hw', the one
with 'front' nearly always works and sometimes 'hwplug'


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