For your information what I was seeing turned out to be a corrupt memory
card. I found out when I tried to start again, now have an old SanDisk
one. The memory card was not a great brand but if corruption caused by
picoreplayer it maybe it was the LMS Cache?

Really happy with the results, I picked this over the competition
because the logitech aspects have been commercially developed this was
really clear to me so great to use it. it is really good and really

@Man in a van
With the DAC I am using front:CARD=DAC,DEV=0. There probably is some
additional tweaking. I am confused why there is volume control when
using a usb DAC as I want my amp to handle that. I also don't think I am
getting the up-sampling you mentioned the light on the front indicates
the sample rate is 1, when I see 2X from my computer.

I also have to put the language in to the javelite interface every time
it restarts. Can this be solved by setting up the device on the screen
and then saving the settings in the web interface?

A few small things but really really happy :-)

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