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> @Man in a van
> With the DAC I am using front:CARD=DAC,DEV=0. There probably is some
> additional tweaking. I am confused why there is volume control when
> using a usb DAC as I want my amp to handle that. I also don't think I am
> getting the up-sampling you mentioned the light on the front indicates
> the sample rate is 1, when I see 2X from my computer.   

Well I think it is is a portable device, so for full output the volume
control has to be turned up to 11 (perhaps you can check in alsamixer).

The detail must be in a manual somewhere

Here is a link to review I found


> A few small things but really really happy :-)

I've a few "small things" but rarely make anyone happy :o :( :rolleyes:
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