I've come up with an approach to get what I need from my RPi/LMS setup
and MusicIP functionality.  For anyone with similar interests, I'll
share it here.  

I use MediaMonkey to manage my playlists.  For those that I use with my
Transporter, I have a simple program that translates M3U files that
MediaMonkey can export into playlists that LMS can use on the RPI.  So,
I installed MusicIP on my PC.  It can send playlists/mixes to
MediaMonkey, which I can then export and translate for use with LMS. 
I'm still having MusicIP fingerprint my music (I have about 9K songs),
which will take another couple days.  Then, I plan to create a couple
large playlists based on specific moods/styles I'm striving for. 
They'll likely be larger, i.e., potentially 5k songs.  Once I get these
onto the LMS/RPi, I'll use DynamicPlaylist functionality to use them
efficiently with my Transporter.  And, while the MusicIP playlists will
be static, Dynamic Playlist on LMS will seem random, by mood/mix, since
I typically only play 40 to 60 songs at a given time anyway.

So, I've accomplished my goal (or will once the fingerprinting process
completes and I can create playlists by mood/style), and avoided trying
to actually install MusicIP on my RPi.

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