I'm a little bit further now. Squeezelite can find the LMS without
specifying the IP in the webinterface. I added some rules to the
firewall of the NAS and that seems to help. It took a few minutes, but
eventually everything worked automatically.
Unfortunately I still can't see my music system in Jivelite.

I read some more in the forums about the switching between wired and
wireless connections. I configured my PI through the newconfig-method
directly over Wifi, so this shouldn't be the problem. However, I still
tried to reset JiveLite again. This didn't help, and for some reason it
also broke down the touchscreen. I can calibrate it (with TSLIB, like
described on the bottom of http://www.pughx2.com/picore320.html), but
the settings don't seem to be used, even though they are correctly
stored in the pointercal file...
Before the reset, this worked perfectly.

So in short: We're not there yet :). Any ideas?

Best regards,

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