JQW wrote: 
> Having playback issues with some albums. They're all ALAC files with
> embedded artwork, and they appear to be albums using particularly
> high-resolution images (roughly 1000x1000 pixels). They either don't
> play at all, or play for just a few seconds before going silent.
> If I uninstall the FFMpeg libraries and reboot the player, the files
> play fine, but of course LMS is having to transcode them prior to
> streaming.

JQW wrote: 
> I believe I had similar problems with 3.22 too, at least with one album.
> That was a free download album in 44.1/24 format, and I blamed it on it
> being 24-bit at the time. As the album wasn't really to my taste, and
> somewhat badly recorded with over-the-top compression, I've since
> deleted those files.

ALAC files that won't play with squeezelite is usually an issue with
where the metadata is stored in the file.

'Here is one of my posts regarding this issue'
and a possible fix.


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