Hi Greg,

Yup, I did try "randomplay tracks" and it worked in the house, but for
some reason not in the car. I'll try it a few more times to verify.

I have it set in LMS to start playing when it's restarted, so I thought
that would do it. I'll try the commands you recommended and see what
happens. I'm just trying to get it to the point where I don't have to
fool with it when I am pulling out of the driveway.

Thanks and I'll let you know if the commands worked.


Greg Erskine wrote: 
> hi Howard Passman,
> Did you try "Randomplay Tracks" or "randomplay tracks"?
> This command will generate the random playlist but might not resume
> playing. Not sure how to send 2 commands :confused:
> So you could try creating a favorite of the random tracks and use auto
> start favorites.
> Next you could try using User commands. #1 "pcp rand" and #2 "pcp play"
> or just #1 "pcp rand; pcp play"
> I guess there is an extra level of complication when LMS is also being
> restarted. I don't know if it remembers the previous sessions playlist?
> regards
> Greg

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