paul- wrote: 
> Unfortunately dmesg won't show anything.  But the piscreen driver should
> not be causing a conflict. 
> I'm not sure what you mean by turning off the DAC.   If you are turning
> off the DAC, then there is a good chance squeezelite is terminating
> without setting the gpio state.

Turning off the DAC means powering off the USB DAC box. The pCP web
interface shows "Squeezelite is running" on the Main page, even after I
cut the power of the USB DAC. 
Likewise, the screen is still reponding and the clock keeps counting
when playing music, even when the DAC is off. 

In addition, please note that even if the DAC is off, the screen gets
switched on when I switch on the player. I just can't switch it off
Currently my screen is "active low" so that may be a factor, too. 

My desired behaviour would be that it doesn't matter in which order I
switch off my system: first the DAC and then the player or the other way

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