kidstypike wrote: 
> Well I just set up a spare pi as a BT device, took some time and a lot
> of head scratching, but I managed to pair it to an Echo Dot I purchased
> Black Friday but never bothered to set up until now. Shows in LMS as a
> player, playing now no problem.
> Don't ask me to write a how-to though. :confused:
> 29852

Grrrr!  Lucky you!

LMS server: O2 Joggler with Jivelite

Amp: Denon PMA-50

Players/Speakers:  Touch, Logitech Radios, Sonos Play 1s & Beam,
Libratone Zipp, GGMM E2 & E3, Yamaha WXAD-010, Loewe Airspeaker, Google
Chromecast Audio, Home Mini & Nest Hub, Amazon Echo 2,3 and Show5,
Pioneer WX-SMA1, Roberts S1, O2 Joggler, Cisco Joggler, Avantree Priva
BT transmitter

Brexit =  Still ∞ stupidity

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