Have you tried revPrintField? It's an oldie but goodie.

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Thanks for the reply Paul.  Yes, tried that but there are problems.  It saves a 
.rtf file but when you open that in MSWord (OS X or Windows) the tabs are 
changed to underscores.  If you open the file in OS X TextEdit it does have 
tabs but the position/spacing is not retained.  I’ve created a sample/test 
stack if anybody wants to play ;-)

Our project is supposed to create a formatted file that external to the LC 
project, gets assembled with other documents/files to make a presentable 
report.  The other docs/files are .rtf (created in MSWord or Pages or TextEdit) 
and an .eps file.  The final report will be a .pdf and Acrobat is likely what 
will get used to manually assemble the final report.

To quote my valued colleague (RogerG) on this problem, and who has spent 
inordinate hours trying to find a solution, tabs have turned out to be tricky 
little devils in LC !!

best, Bob...

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> I take it your have tried:
> put the rtfText of field "X" into URL
> ("file:"&specialFolderPath("desktop")&slash&"savedfield.rtf")
> And then reading it back to a new field with:
> set the rtfText of field "Y" to URL
> ("file:"&specialFolderPath("desktop")&slash&"savedfield.rtf")
> and the tab spacing is not preserved?
> On 4/7/2019 7:57 PM, Robert J. Earp via use-livecode wrote:
>> Dear all, we have a field that is formatted nicely with tabs and want to 
>> save that as a file, retaining the tab formatting.  The saved file format 
>> ideally should be .rtf but we may be able to use other formats such as .pdf
>> Anybody got any ideas how to do this ?
>> Thanks in advance for your suggestions.
>> best, Bob?
>> Bob Earp - White Rock, BC, Canada

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