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I agree it's going to be an extra step. My hope is that once LC figures out how to secure their own IDE they can integrate that into the build process somehow. Maybe there could be an option after the standalone is made to submit it to Apple for notarization. That would be great.

The problem is that the Standalone must be code signed first, before it can be submitted to Apple for notarization. I suppose LiveCode could offer some fields in the standalone builder for you to fill in the path to your cert and they could detect if Xcode is installed and then do a shell() to call codesign and then some more fields for you Apple Developer ID sign in and then submit it to Apple.

It kind of defeats one of the great values of LiveCode which has been cross-platform development as more and more platform specific stuff gets attached.

I personally develop on Windows and build for OSX and Windows, but then I need to move the OSX app to OSX for code signing. I would love to see a feature where you could install your certs into LiveCode for each platform and it would cross-platform build AND code sign each standalone for you.

Of course this may all be a mute point if you believe the "industry analysts" that say that 5G networks will kill the market for local applications whether for iOS, Android, or desktop OSes and finally web app will be fast enough :-)

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