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> The problem is that the Standalone must be code signed first, before it can 
> be submitted to Apple for notarization. I suppose LiveCode could offer some 
> fields in the standalone builder for you to fill in the path to your cert and 
> they could detect if Xcode is installed and then do a shell() to call 
> codesign and then some more fields for you Apple Developer ID sign in and 
> then submit it to Apple.
> It kind of defeats one of the great values of LiveCode which has been 
> cross-platform development as more and more platform specific stuff gets 
> attached.
> I personally develop on Windows and build for OSX and Windows, but then I 
> need to move the OSX app to OSX for code signing. I would love to see a 
> feature where you could install your certs into LiveCode for each platform 
> and it would cross-platform build AND code sign each standalone for you.

On Mac OS X it´s possible to sign Windows apps.  You´ll need a 
CodeSigningCertificate and the free  software osslsigncode.
I am not sure, that the other way (signing Mac OS X apps under Windows) is 
possible. At least i´ve never heard of a way.

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