> The frightening thing about this is that Microsoft produce a
> fairly shoddy product, and as Linux has signally failed to
> displace Microsoft from world dominator, it will become
> ever worse and shoddier without any healthy competition.

So the only scary thing about Apple doing something potentially problematic is merely that it might make someone with shaky faith consider Microsoft? That seems to overlook the tiny step of considering the potentially problematic thing itself!

The Apple evangelism "cult" included memes using blackhat PR tricks and cognitive hacks. It's too fun to resist - go ahead and try the shoe on the other foot for once:

"Ah, having trouble with your Mac again? Yeah, that's what I love about Windows - everything just works!" :D

Which is very often true in either direction, depending on the particular trouble being experienced. In reality each OS has its annoyances. Personally I have no dog in the race - I started with Mac-first dev because of their excellent HIG research and principles which they would later abandon. Then switched to Win-first dev when Apple fled that previous research for a more "lickable" look, causing Windows UI to became more efficient and user-friendly for my own computing.

If Apple were to embrace consistent scientific HIG again and let up a bit on the obsessive control, hard-on-the-eye schemes, and planned obsolescence, I'd be tempted to go back to Mac-first. I use both Operating Systems and find an equal amount of enjoyment in providing solutions for both!

BTW, I've already seen an LC app undergo notarization successfully, so not to worry; there will be a system in place for this particular hurdle just as with everything else.

Best wishes,

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