Paul Dupuis wrote:

> Of course this may all be a mute point if you believe the "industry
> analysts" that say that 5G networks will kill the market for local
> applications whether for iOS, Android, or desktop OSes and finally web
> app will be fast enough :-)

All networks can get faster, but I'm with Steven J. Vaughan-Nichols in not holding my breath for 5G to be anything close to the magic pony marketers are playing it up to be:

"5G or faux G?: Forget all those stories of 20 Gbps speeds and 1 millisecond latency. 5G will never deliver performance like that — and anyway its time is still years away for most of us most of the time."

EFF has a similar view:

"Enough of the 5G Hype"

...and an alternative infrastructure proposal that will benefit existing devices as well as the someday-soon-no-really 5G access points:

"The U.S. Desperately Needs a 'Fiber for All' Plan"

With or without infrastructure improvements, I expect mobile to remain a steady growth segment. But by "steady" I mean only slightly more than half of Internet traffic, with laptops being most of the remainder.

If Job's metaphor of the "post-PC" era means phones are cars and laptops are trucks, observe that the most popular auto form factor in the US is the SUV - effectively, a truck. :)

We're now a decade into the "post-PC" era, and Apple stills sells Macs. Lots of them. More than iPads, which have leveled off to negative growth.

It's not just developers who need full computers. It's everyone who isn't just a grazer: every artist, every writer, everyone making presentations. Nearly everyone. You can do those things on a phone, just not as well. With your thumbs.

For all the articles about the so-called "post-PC" era, I doubt any were typed with thumbs on a phone.

If only those writers could observe themselves as they work....

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