On 11/5/20 1:47 AM, Terence Heaford via use-livecode wrote:
I have been messing about with the Segmented Control Widget and have been 
trying to apply a tooltip.

I noted that the tooltip can only be applied to the whole control, it does not 
appear possible to have a tooltip for each segment.

Is this possible and if so could someone please advise.

I've done this with a custom control group, it should work with a widget too. Calculate the rectangles (or at least the left and right edges) of each segment and in a mouseEnter handler compare the mouseLoc to the rectangles to see which one it's in. Then set the tooltip to the appropriate string. You can also add a mouseMove handler to do the same thing if you want to change tooltips as the mouseLoc changes inside the widget.

If the updated tooltip doesn't display reliably, set the tooltip to empty, wait a millisecond or so, and then set it to the new string.

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