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> I've done this with a custom control group, it should work with a widget too. 
> Calculate the rectangles (or at least the left and right edges) of each 
> segment and in a mouseEnter handler compare the mouseLoc to the rectangles to 
> see which one it's in. Then set the tooltip to the appropriate string. You 
> can also add a mouseMove handler to do the same thing if you want to change 
> tooltips as the mouseLoc changes inside the widget.

I placed the segmented control widget in a group and put a simple

on mouseEnter
end mouseEnter

in the script of the group.

This did not implement a beep sound.
I placed the same script in the segmented control and that did not make a beep 

I read the dictionary for mouseEnter and it does not apply to a group, I assume 
it also does not apply to the segmented control widget.

I then created three standard buttons and placed those in a group.
Placed the above script in the group.
and each time the mouse entered a button it beeped. It did not beep upon 
entering the group.

Is all this the correct behaviour?

If it is then it is not possible to create your own tooltip for a segmented 
control widget unless there is some more fiddling that can be done.

It seems creating your own segmented control may be the only solution.

Any ideas



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