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Also note: The stacks you distribute cannot violate the LC license
agreement. They can't reproduce IDE features or allow users to do
things that only a licensed user can do. Please don't violate the
license agreement; we all want LC to prosper.


I feel I must explicitly point out at this point that, in addition to forbidding creation of LiveCode-IDE-like applications, the commercial license agreement also explicitly prohibit generic player apps (or indeed any player app which allows a non-commercially licensed user to access commercial features).

I strongly recommend reviewing section 3 of the (commercial) license agreement for full details. The reason these clauses are there is to ensure we don't end up in a situation where we only ever sell one LC license a year: to a person who creates and distributes a player app and an automated build service using a business license to spit out standalones for everyone else who is using Community.

In terms of the general thrust behind this thread - I completely agree that standalone building has become tortuous over the last few years as all platforms add more and more hoops you have to jump through. However, this is probably best done by improving the standalone building process (i.e. making it as easy as possible) rather than anything else.

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