Hi Mark,

Perhaps improving standalone building should be put at
the top of the priority of things to improve for LiveCode.

I think people are very frustrated that they are having
great difficulties in building a standalone. A process that
used to be relatively simple is now way too complex.

Many LC users want to be able to create their application,
and deploy it quickly to their own computers, or to give
away to their family members.  They are not interested
in inserting Apple or other corporations into their personal
programming loop, and a lot of us feel the same way.

No one wants to deal with having to create bundle ids
or other corporate nonsense.  (Option for a unique random
bundle id generator here?)

I believe users want LC to step up it’s game in dealing
with these issues so the deployment experience is an
enjoyable one, and not a PITA.

Successfully addressing this problem helps everyone!

Just my 2 cents for the day.  ;-)


> In terms of the general thrust behind this thread - I completely agree that 
> standalone building has become tortuous over the last few years as all 
> platforms add more and more hoops you have to jump through. However, this is 
> probably best done by improving the standalone building process (i.e. making 
> it as easy as possible) rather than anything else.
> Warmest Regards,
> Mark.
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