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All in all, everything else works, which is really quite incredible.

When I accidentally started replying to Andreas privately instead of to the list (I should pay more attention, geez) he suggested others may want to see my test app. Thanks to Andreas for being so polite about it.

So here you go:


On desktop browsers, everything works great. On mobile it works pretty well except for text entry and a minor display issue.

On mobile it isn't possible to drag-select text in editable fields. Typing is iffy as well, and depending on the (Android) keyboard you use, the cursor can be misaligned and/or key presses don't always insert entries. I didn't test on iOS.

I've added a simple behavior to all the scrolling fields and removed the ugly field scrollbar. It tracks the mouse movement and scrolls the field accordingly. That works on desktop but doesn't work on mobile. This matches the behavior of anything draggable: the slider widget button, the buttons in the Population example that use "grab", and the LC field scroller thumb.

On both desktop and mobile, text styling isn't working. Some of the text in the "What is this?" substack should be bold but displays as plain. On the other hand, the substack does display correctly layered over the mainstack. I had wondered if it would work, and it does.

I know this will all get fixed so I'm not worried. This is just an example of where we're at right now for anyone curious. Overall, web deployment is very impressive. I was surprised at how good it is even in an unfinished state.

BTW, the ideas behind this stack are not original. I first re-created them in MetaCard based on online discussions 20 years ago, and when I opened it recently in LC 10 the stack opened without error. Kudos to Mark Waddingham's attention to backward compatibility.

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